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Parking in Prague

The center of the capital of the Czech Republic is divided into three zones of automobile parking:
- Blue parking zone can be used only by drivers, who live in Prague. By parking up a rented car on the blue line in the center of the city, you risk to be fined (police makes photos of an illegally parked car, so it doesn’t make sense to throw away the parking ticket). When you return to your illegally parked car, you can find the stopping cap on the wheel. To release a rented car from it you will have to call the police and pay a fine. And the most unpleasant thing is vehicle recovery to the impoundment lot where you will have to pay about 2,000 CZK fine to pick up the car.

- Orange and green parking zones are also available to residents and guests of the city, but parking time is limited. These parking zones are paid usually from 6 am to 8 PM. After 20 hours (or so, as the sign says) you can park the rented car absolutely free. Thus, you can park up your car free almost on the entire territory of Prague, but only at night.

The Parking areas of Prague
It’s much easier to park a rented vehicle in dozens of parking areas in the center of Prague. You can pay from 290 to 950 CZK for parking the car for the whole day depending on the location of the parking area. It is also possible to leave the car for a day in numerous paid guarded parking areas and free parking areas on the outskirts of the city, but there is a disadvantage associated with distance, moreover parking areas are closed at night.

Parking area of the airport
There is no difficulty to find the parking place in the airport. Usually, you should get a parking voucher at the drive-in gate. The voucher is payable at the exit gate of the airport parking area.

You can pay for the parking in special boxes, where you should place the voucher and make payment, amount of which depends on the time of stay on the parking area. The cost of parking is:
- free up to 15 minutes
- 100 CZK for every 30 minutes if you stay more than 15 minutes
After you have paid of the voucher you should leave the parking area within fifteen minutes by placing a paid voucher into the machine at the barrier.

The service of "Free Parking" at the airport from Hire Car Prague
On this basis, we provide our clients with opportunity to use parking area for free in fifty meters from the central entrance to the airport by fulfillment of technical activities of turnover and acceptance of a rented car and for saving money. The address of free parking area where you should return the vehicle is indicated on the key holder of the rented car. By renting out a car at the airport our staff will meet you at the exit with a sign where your name is written and take you to your rented car.

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